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We are very pleased to offer the world famous "Casita Travel Trailer A-Z Owner's Guide". This guide is THE written resource for Casita trailers. Whether you're a new owner or have thousands of miles under your trailer tyres, this guide will have the info you want when you need it. Perfect too for learning all about Casita brand trailers if you're just starting your trailer shopping.

From the author:

"This 260-page, full-color Guide, is formatted as a PDF on CD and provides detailed information and photos to assist you in the purchase, operation, maintenance and modification of a Casita travel trailer, whether you're buying new or resale. Also includes links to Amazon products and vendor resources to enhance your camping ownership and experiences."

(We're just selling the shelf, you can't have our "stuff" :)

This is our "End-O-Bed Shelf" made right here at LHCAZ. This shelf replaces the factory TV shelf if you have one installed in your trailer. The shelf was designed to fit a 17' Spirit Deluxe but will work with any 17' trailer if you sleep across the back.

This shelf only works if you leave the rear bed in place all the time.  It is held in place by the bed cushions or mattress. Because it's "free standing" there are no holes drilled in your trailer

We do not ship this shelf at this time but are happy to install it for you when you stop by to purchase.

Cost is $69.95

Note: The top picture shows the new frame. It's now made of 1" PVC and has a great clean look. Same size, same price.

The Wonder Wand is used for cleaning the black tank when you dump. The wand you buy at the RV store generally has just four little holes that spray in all directions. The Wonder Wand has a nice angled head with a slit that makes a high pressure "water broom". This allows you to really clean that black tank and sweep "stuff" towards the drain. Also works great for washing the tow vehicle or trailer!

The price is $19.95 which is about what you'd pay for one of the Wimpy Wands at your local RV store. Better yet, it's made in America by me!

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Wonder Wand! Available from